24″ x 48″ Grow Tent Setup – Step-by-Step Instructions With Pictures

Grow tent assembly instructions

Your First Grow Tent

So, you bought a grow tent and it arrived. You want to know how to put it together and the instructions don’t really tell you the best way.

Keep reading for a simplified grow tent setup, with pictures and explanations.

The Tent

We have two tents listed in What You Need to Grow Marijuana, depending on if you are located in the USA or Canada. They are virtually the same tent, labelled with a different company name. One is cheaper in Canada, and this is the one we will be putting together in this tutorial.

Pretty much all grow tents will be put together the same way.

Our tent is the Ohuhu 48″ x 24″ x 60″ listed in What You Need to Grow Marijuana.

What’s in the Package?

When our Ohuhu Grow Tent arrived via UPS yesterday, I quickly took it out of the box and started taking pictures. The contents were very organized and ready to assemble. The parts are spot welded where necessary and painted white to reflect light. They all have very simple push connectors that make assembly super simple, but there are a few tips that may make it smoother.


Poles and straps

Assembling the Frame

In this case, the poles are labelled A, B, C and D. According to the multi-model instructions, other size tents do not include the D poles.

The very first step is to connect the A poles to the corners (the tied up 3-way parts that look like jacks in the picture).

When doing this, you want to make sure that the plastic pieces in the corners are all facing down. You want two A poles to have left facing corners, and two A poles to have right facing corners. These are going to be the front and back, top and bottom pieces.

A's and Corners


Notice how the top one has the plastic pieces facing the bottom one.

When it is turned onto its side, these become opposing assembled pieces and will make the first rectangle, in this case, the bottom of the tent.

Now, we will use the D poles, which are exclusive to this model. Between each front and back piece you just created, still ensuring the plastic feet are all facing the same direction on both rectangles, click in the D poles, between the front and back A pole/corner assemblies.

Bottom of the tent

I assembled the next step before moving the frame to where it was going to stay. I recommend moving it now, if it isn’t where you are going to be using it, to make it easier to move.

Next, you will click in the B poles into one rectangle (there is only one place left to put them), and the C poles into the other rectangle.

Do not mix and match, as the B and C poles will be going together.

Starting the sides

Once the B and C poles are in place, lay the top and bottom pieces on their side. This is much easier than trying to do the rest with it standing, and makes it much easier to put the B and C poles together.

Putting the top and bottom together

Insert the four B poles into the C poles. These don’t click together, which is another reason it is much easier to do this on its side. Don’t worry about it not clicking together. The shell of the tent will hold it tightly.

Now, you will want to open the zippers on the tent shell and locate the top and bottom (the top will have the company name, and this tent has an 8-inch port on the top).

Slide the bottom around one end of the frame. While doing this, make sure the side that is attached to the top and bottom of the shell is on top of the sideways frame.

This way, you can put the top on before flipping it upright, and it will hold the B and C poles together, eliminating any falling apart while moving the tent.

Bottom doneNote that I did flip it upright before putting the top of the shell on. Nothing bad happened, but its best to safe.

Other end of the bottomThe top and bottom should be pulled tight, holding itself on.

Next, if you haven’t already, flip the tent upright. Then, zip the back of the tent with both zippers, to the first corner. Do this evenly, to apply the same pressure at the top as the bottom as you zip.

Zip the back firstOnly zip the back to the first corner. Make sure you do the top and bottom before proceeding.

Once at this step, you can proceed to zip the zippers around the two corners on the side but leave the front open.

Get the waterproof floor liner and unfold it.

Spread it out in the bottom of the tent like the picture. It stays pretty well on its own, and the equipment you will be adding will help.

Floor liner in place

You should have three bars left at this point: two “deep hangers” and one “shallow hanger”.

Take the longer shallow hanger, and angle it so that it fits along the top of the tent, between the ends. Put one end over the top end bar (D), then slide the other end sideways over the other top end bar. These don’t click in so that you can move them if you want your equipment (light, fan, carbon filter, etc) in a different area.

Next, take the two deeper hangers and do the same thing, below the shallow hanger, and on top of the front and back bars (A), like the pictures.

Hanger bars

Hanger bars

The included straps can be used to hang a carbon filter or something else from the hanger bars. Do not use them to hang a light.

You’re Done! Start Building Your System!

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