How to Grow Marijuana – Lesson 3 – Start Your Seeds

Cannabis Seedling

Even if you are starting with clones, it is a good idea to read about how seeds are started. Before you can start your seeds, you need to have some!

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Once you receive your seeds, you can get your equipment ready to germinate them.

Filtered Water

Time For A Bath

The very first thing we are going to do is rehydrate the seeds. In nature, the seeds will dry out to become hard and protect themselves from damage until the environment is ready for them to grow. This means warmth and moisture.

To dramatically increase the speed at which the seeds will germinate (break through the seed hull, and the surface of the soil or substrate, and start growing roots), we are going to soak the seeds in filtered water for 24 hours. This is going to tell the seeds that it is “springtime”, and get them ready to sprout.

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You need to decide how many seeds you are going to soak. If you are lucky, all of them will crack and germinate. Most reputable seed banks have very good quality seeds and the germination rate is high, but none are perfect. So, if your legal number of plants is four, consider soaking 5 or 6 seeds (if they all germinate, you will legally have to give away or destroy the extras).

Nap Time

Paper TowelAfter their 24 hour soaking period, you will need to gather a plastic sandwich bag and a few sheets of paper towel. Lightly dampen the paper towel in fresh filtered water, and place one sheet on the bottom of the sandwich bag. Be sure to wring out the paper towel before putting them in the bag. You don’t want them wet, just damp. Evenly spread the seeds on the first piece, and place a second moistened paper towel on top of them, like a damp sleeping bag.

Ziploc Bag

If you are going to be growing more than one strain (check the growing lengths to make sure they will all flower at the same time), put them in separate bags and label each strain.

Once you have them all tucked in, seal the bag(s) to keep the moisture in, place it/them on a clean plate and set it in a warm place, like on top of the refrigerator.

Every day, open the bag(s) to allow fresh air in, and separate the paper towel to see if the seeds have “cracked”. If they have, it’s time for the next step.

How Are You Growing?

This is where the tutorials split.

If you are growing in soil (recommended for beginners), then you will move on to Lesson 4 – Soil Growing.

If you are an intermediate to an expert grower and want to grow hydroponically, then click here.