How to Extract Cannabis Oil – Make Hash Oil At Home

Make Your Own Oil

Whether you enjoy dry marijuana rolled in a joint or use hot knives with a torch, having quality hash oil can be a pleasing and potent additive or change. It can also make your leaves and stems into a product you will use, eliminating waste.

Using the following steps, you can easily learn how to extract cannabis oil for yourself, the best, safest way, right at home.

What You Will Need

What You Need to Do

This process is surprisingly simple but requires a little attention to detail and safety. Alcohol fumes can be dangerous, so turn on your hood range fan before you start and any time you are working on this project.

Step 1 – Prepare

You will want to make sure that everything is clean and ready to use.

For this part of the project, you will only need one jar with lid insert and ring, the alcohol, and your plant matter (leaves, stems, buds).

Grind buds and leaves coarsely and collect it in the jar.

Step 2 – Soak The Plant Matter

Carefully pour enough alcohol into the jar to cover the plant matter at the bottom. You won’t need more than a half inch above the ground cannabis.

Put the lid insert and ring on the jar and make sure it’s tight.

Shake the jar and then make sure all the plant matter made it back to the bottom of the jar.

Step 3 – Freeze

Place your jar, carefully, upright in the freezer. The alcohol will not freeze, so the jar will not break.

Leave it in the freezer for about 8 hours.

This process will allow as much of the cannabinoids and calyxes that you want from the plant to release from the plant matter while keeping all the other organic material (that you don’t want in your oil) behind.

Step 4 – Shake

Shake the jar again for about a minute, and make sure the plant matter is at the bottom again.

Place the jar in a dark, cool place.

Step 5 – Wait

To get the absolute most potent oil without having more than one batch, we are going to wait for about a week.

Shake the jar every day, and open the lid for a minute to allow air transfer (with the fan on).

Step 6 – Strain

After shaking every day for a week, collect your other jar, a sprouting lid, and a coffee filter.

Take the lid off your jar of plant matter and alcohol.

Place a coffee filter over the opening of the jar, and screw on the sprouting lid (screen and ring) over the filter. This will effectively give you an excellent filter for your oil.

Carefully (with the fan on) pour the alcohol through the filter into the second clean jar.

Step 7 – Evaporate The Alcohol

At this point, the alcohol has done its job extracting all the cannabinoids you want from the plant matter, and it is now time to remove the alcohol from your oil.

Get your double boiler ready, with water in the bottom pot.

Place the open jar of alcohol in the middle of the pot.

You will most likely want to wrap a dish towel around the jar to keep it from tipping over while heating.

TURN THE FAN ON (if it isn’t already).

Pour water into the pot, outside the jar, to the level of the alcohol in the jar (you don’t want the jar to float).

Heat the double boiler on low-medium for about a half hour (allow the mixture to stop bubbling).

Step 8 – Storage

The oil is now done, and should still be pretty warm. You can either store the entire jar as it is (much harder for single use, and dries out faster), or divide it into glass vials.

You will want to do this before the oil cools too much because it will become MUCH harder to transfer.

To keep the oil warm and liquid, you can place the jar in a larger, heat-resistant container and add boiled water to the larger container.

Make sure your vials, funnel and spoon are clean and place the funnel into the first vial.

Carefully transfer some oil, using the spoon, to the funnel. Be very careful not to add too much.

Once the first vial is full, set it aside to cool and move the funnel to the next.

Continue this process until all your vials are full.

Step 9 – Clean Up

You can hold the spoon or funnel with a pair of pliers and warm it from a safe distance with a butane torch to melt the oil from them, or simply give up the small amount of oil and use the safe method.

The safe method is to use a disposable cloth (paper towel is not recommended), and some alcohol you used to make the oil, to clean your instruments and any oil you may have spilled on other surfaces.

You will never get the cloth clean, so throw it out and use a new disposable cloth next time.

You now have a good supply of hash oil that will stay very potent for up to a year.