How To Pass a Drug Test For Marijuana


But, Weed is Legal in Canada!

Yes, people from non-legal states may be reading this, but even if recreational marijuana is legal country-wide for Canadians, and in some states, there are still situations that you may have to pass a drug test. Employers and parole officers are still allowed to test for marijuana, for example.

Let’s be clear, we are not saying that it is okay to go against court orders and use marijuana if you are on parole or probation. If you choose to, that’s 100% your choice and your consequences.

However, we still have this review available to anyone in need.

How to Pass a Drug Test For…Drug Test

Well…anything. But, we are only talking about marijuana because it is the only legal substance on the list.

The fastest and most fool-proof way to pass a scheduled urine drug test (and in some cases surprise ones), is a detox.

We have chosen one of the highest rated detox suppliers available today, and here they are:

Welcome to Pass USA!

These guys have solutions for just about any drug test situation. So, if you just got a call for that job you wanted, and they don’t allow their employees to smoke a joint in their spare time, let’s go visit them.

The first and most common product in their lineup is the Ultra Klean 1 Hour Detox Drink.


Shake the bottle and drink it all 5 hours or more before your test.

Fifteen minutes after you drink the detox solution, fill the bottle with water, and drink that.

Then, urinate as often as you can for the next 45 minutes.

The process takes an hour to complete, and THEN another 4 hours to safely pass your test.


  • Avoid alcohol the 24 hours before using this product
  • Avoid all unnecessary medications for at least 24 (up to 72) hours before using this product
  • Drink LOTS of water

500% Money Back GuaranteeAs mentioned above, Pass USA has a 500% Money Back Guarantee that you will pass your test, as long as you follow the simple instructions.

Have a Happy Detox!

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