What You Need To Grow Marijuana

Grow Setup


Following is a list of products mentioned in our tutorials. Each list has associated numbers that correspond with the material in the tutorials. These numbers are specifically to grow four plants, which is the highest legal amount anywhere in Canada and the US at this time.

Outdoor growing has not been included in these lists because it is more difficult to provide adequate security measures so that criminals or underage persons cannot gain access to the product.

What You Need to Grow Marijuana

Marijuana Seedling

However You Grow

This list is the universal products that you will need, no matter which method of growing you choose for your indoor marijuana plants.

Grow Tent:





Soil Marijuana Growing

Growing in Soil (Beginner)



Hydroponically Growing Marijuana

Growing Hydroponically

This list will be updated periodically, as there are multiple ways that you can use to grow hydroponically and aeroponically. As the tutorials grow, this list will as well.

Air Pump

Bubbler, or DWC (Intermediate)

Canopy training