“Why Do I Need So Much To Grow Weed?”

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Weed is Natural From the Earth

So, this article came into being because I was asked a question that needed a much more elaborate answer than was appropriate as a response in the comment section.

A reader was looking at the Grow Tent Setup article and asked, “If weed is natural from the earth why do you need so much to grow it ?

The answer is found in a lot of different places, but may not be as apparent to some who are just starting out.

There are a lot of plants and animals on Earth and each of them evolves in order to survive in the exact situation they exist in. When you introduce a living thing to new surroundings, they will slowly change, generation after generation, to be more suitable for that environment.

Think of it this way, have you ever been walking somewhere and happened to find wild strawberries?

Chances are you have been to a supermarket or grocery store and have walked past some huge, delicious-looking strawberries that look absolutely nothing like the ones that you found while walking.

The reason for this is someone (or in this case, many someones) took the time and expertise to selectively breed and grow the strongest strawberries all the way from the tiny ones in nature up to the half-apple-sized ones we see for sale in stores today.

Darwin figured out that you can select very specific qualities and traits, and make them more prominent in later generations of just about anything in nature, creating a new, completely different variation that most likely never would have happened naturally.

Think about dogs. All dogs came from a very specific and definite ancestor. Wolves have kept a very similar appearance and behaviour for a very long time with the environment that they know in nature. But, the domesticated variety has adapted and changed to be a pet. Their mentality and dependence are not found in wolves. It came from nearly 28,000 years of human interference. Each person that decided to breed dogs decided on very specific things that they wanted to be passed on: killing rats well, retrieving game, running, pulling, looking good, etc. Each dog has a purpose and it has taken thousands of years to get the hundreds of “pure” breeds that all came from the same ancestor.

This is how we arrive at the first part of the answer to our question:

You want to control the genetics of your plants.

Nature Is Everything

Yes, marijuana happened all by itself without a lot of help from us. However, to get to where it is now in nature would have taken a very impossible set of circumstances.

All things living in nature have to live in the balance created by it. That means that no one living thing has “ultimate rule” over its surroundings and must grow with all the other species.

Back to Darwin, the survival of the fittest. Whichever species develops the quickest or strongest survives and the weak die off.

Take mushrooms as an example:

You want to grow your own gourmet shiitake mushrooms at home. You find a supplier of spores and you purchase it. You take it home to the compost heap in your back yard and spray the spore syringe in a few places until you run out.

The second those spores find the food you sprayed them on, they start to compete for it. They have to fight off mould and other competitors to survive and be the strongest. The mycelium that grows (the body of a fungus that grows in the ground or food source) needs to create its own network.

The mycelium grows and feeds, feeds and grows until it hits a spot where there are no nutrients left in that location.


Mushrooms pop up all the way around the mycelium network to send out spores to find new sources of food and continue on the species.

Scenario two is having the spores show up, introducing them to a sterile environment with selected food for them and no competition. Growing inside, no mould, no contaminants.

Outside, allowing nature to take the course and hoping for the best, you can expect what you would expect if you found shiitake mushrooms growing in the woods somewhere. You would be lucky to harvest a little over a pound of mushrooms.

Inside, controlling the environment and not having them fight for their existence before using energy to grow mushrooms above the surface, you can continually collect spores or mycelium and start new cycles, having a continuous harvest of five pounds or more every few weeks.

When it comes to growing marijuana as it grows in nature, it will be getting nowhere near the optimal amount of nutrients, as all the surrounding plants will also be consuming some, the lighting may not be perfect, as trees grow taller, and buildings and other large objects can cause shadows and because of the infection of us humans, light pollution at night will severely disrupt the extremely important dark cycle of the plants.

The second part of the answer is:

Nature has competition.

Plants Can Handle More Than Nature

There is a range when it comes to what just about any living thing can endure or thrive through.

Humans have inhabited almost every corner of the world and we survive.

Plants can handle much more than nature allows.

When it comes to plants creating their own food, photosynthesis, they use carbon dioxide from the air. They generally get enough to survive in our current circumstances in the world, but they can thrive much better with up to 600 times the amount of naturally occurring (or human-created) carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

This means we can give them a HUGE boost by changing aspects of their environment that couldn’t happen in nature.

There are many things we can control and adjust when we have an indoor, separated environment for our plants:

  • Water
  • Light
  • Air Flow
  • Air Composition
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Nutrients

When we have control over all of these things, we can fine-tune and optimize the growing conditions for our plants and have them grow stronger, faster and more efficient. We can also incredibly increase the amount of naturally occurring chemical compounds that we grow marijuana for in the first place!

The more optimal the growing conditions, the higher the THC and CBD of the strain you are growing. This means that not only are you growing it faster and stronger and most likely a MUCH higher yield, but the amount you will use when it is done will be much lower because the quality will be phenomenally better.

The third and final part of our answer is:

Nature doesn’t optimize; You get what you get.

I hope that this sufficiently answers the question that was asked of me and induces a slightly different way of thinking.

Don’t settle if you are putting your energy into something.

Reach for the stars and you will get higher 😉

Happy Gardening!